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Published in: Vol. 5, No. 4
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Wallace Sampson, Editor


Effects of Banisteriopsis caapi Extract on Parkinson’s Disease


Anomalous Improvement


The Golden Guru

James S. Gordon, MD. 248 pp. (out of print). Lexington, Mass: Stephen Greene Press, 1989.

THIS BOOK IS OUT OF PRINT, BUT I RECOMMEND IT if you can get your hands on a secondhand or library copy. I’ve compared notes on it with 2 of our contributing authors, whose interpretations differ. One regards the book as objectively done and informative. The other sees it as a commitment to mystical elements of the New Age theosophist movements and mystical psychology.

Its importance? It is first and obviously a record of one of the more remarkable sociopolitical episodes in Oregon history, if not that of the whole United States. I wanted to read the book since I heard that the author is the one and same psychiatrist James Gordon, MD, of Georgetown University School of Medicine, organizer of an annual convention on “alternative” medicine in cancer and chairman of the Clinton-appointed White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Policy. Because it is out of print and my local library did not list it, I ordered a used copy on the Internet.

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