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Saul Green


Acupuncture: Another Clinical Trial Fails


The Evidence for Evidence-Based Medicine


Autogenous Vaccine: A Defense Against the Bacterial Organism That Causes Cancer

IN 1947, VIRGINIA LIVINGSTON WHEELER PROPOSED that human cancer was caused by an infectious organism, which she observed while she was working with scleroderma patients. She noticed that their skin lesions resembled those of a sarcoma, and since she believed scleroderma was caused by bacteria,1 she extended that idea to the cause of cancer. The microscopic “organisms” she observed in extracts of the tumors had no cell walls so she called them L-cells (free of cell walls). She observed a variety of different forms that she claimed represented different forms (pleomorphic) of the same bacterium.2 She named the organism Progenitor cryptocides (PC).3 Wheeler postulated that PC was ubiquitous but harmless in normal humans and animals.4

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